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J21 Steam Locomotive Appeal .

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J15 and J21 Together at Beamish.

The launch day in June 2003 of the appeal fund to restore J21 was a successful start to the hopefully quick return of No.876 (65033) to working order.
The occasion was of course unique as J15, No. 65462, had travelled from the North Norfolk Railway to haul J21 from its resting place in the Regional Museums Store.

Photograph: The J21 and the J15 Locomotives  at Rowley Station Beamish.

Photograph: The J15 and the J21 Locomotives together at Beamish.
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J21 had lost its NER identity and taken on its BR livery as 65033 especially for the occasion giving a once in a lifetime opportunity to photograph two British Railways black engines in the station at Beamish.
This was probably the first time in sixty years that the two T.W Worsdell designed classes of locomotive had been together.

Since the announcement of the appeal donations have come in from enthusiasts throughout the country - including a contribution from a Darlington man who once worked as a fireman on J21.


Further Information about J21.

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Photograph: The J15 and the J21 Locomotives together at Beamish.

A black and white picture of two steam locomotives at Rowley railway station, Beamish.

Bottom left quarter: A traditional steam locomotive facing to the right standing on a railway line. At the rear is the coal bunker consisting of a rectangular block. It then has a central drivers cabin in front of which a cylindrical boiler with a short chimney.

Bottom right quarter: another locomotive standing on a rail behind and parallel with the first but further forward. It looks exactly like the first locomotive. A man in a white shirt is standing at the side of this locomotive.

Top of picture: A railway station is on the right and a band of trees on the left. The station has a very light coloured pitched roof and three chimneys. The front has various doors and entrances of which not much detail can be seen. TEXT.



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