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Hand Milk Churn Restoration.

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Hand Operated Milk Churn

Items of traditional craftsmanship brought to life.

Milk Churn Restored With Pride.

photograph: glass milk churnsmall.

Picture: Jim Wayte demonstrates the small hand milk churn he has restored for the Home Farm at the Museum.
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Sometimes the Deputy Museum Director presents us with small items he has found and which need to be restored for immediate display. Items which are often unattractive as found, are quite eye-catching when they leave the workshop.

Friends volunteer Jim Wayte has worked hard on this item. It looks looks like a lottery ball machine but is in fact a glass churn made by the Crystal Churn Dairy Supply Co., London.
The churn will appear in the Home Farm. Look for its trade mark of a hot air balloon and, if you can tell us anything about it, We'd like to hear form you at the Friends' Office.

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Picture: Jim Wayte demonstrates the small hand milk churn he has restored for the Home Farm at the Museum.

The photograph shows a man holding the handle of a small hand milk churn. Background is a white sheet draped over some form of back support with a table in front still under the sheet. On the right half of the picture stands a man visible above waist height. He has short grey hair, spectacles, a dark sweater and a blue shirt. In his right hand he holds the handle of the milk churn.

The churn occupies the left half of the photograph. It has a decorative framework holding a long glass bowl at its centre. Light is seen reflected in this glass bowl. The churn is standing on the sheet covered table on four feet. The frame of the table has two side panels from the centre of which the glass bowl spins and has an arched brace across the top. From the right hand side panel the "s" shaped handle extends to the right into the mans hand. TEXT.



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