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  • Home Page. Welcome to The Friends of Beamish.
    Introduction to the Site with many membership bargains for families, partners, students and kids.
  • Bits and Pieces is a miscellany of old and new favourite items from the Website
  • Frequently Asked Questions [F.A.Q].
    If you have a question, check this section out first. If you havn't got a question it's still worth a visit for useful information about the Friends and what they do.
  • Beamish Resource Centre.
    With thousands of treasures from the past, many world famous collections and its own online Website.
  • Restoration Projects Workshop.
    Learn about our past and present restorations of vintage and veteran motor vehicles, carts, carriages and farm machines, steam engines and many other smaller historically important items at the Beamish Museum.
  • Oilcloth and Floorcloth.
    Learn about the history of oilcloth and oilcloth as a floor covering (floorcloth) and the development of linoleum plus information about their manufacture in the past and today. Would you like to make your own oilcloth?
  • The Beamish Quilt Collection.
    The collection has grown and is now recognised both nationally and internationally as a collection of world importance. We have some 350 quilts, many of which have been exhibited in japan, USA and all over the UK.
  • The Beamish Cycle Collection. The Collection consists of both vintage and veteran machines. It includes five high bicycles (penny farthings), a unique 1882 tandem tricycle and many other rare cycles.
  • Events and Social activities involving the membership of the Friends of Beamish. Lots of good fun for lots of good friends.
  • Articles and Stories mostly told by people like you.
    You too are invited to share your precious memories of the past. Would like to submit your own short stories, poems or articles of general interest for us all to enjoy?
  • Friends in Costume.
    The Friends' volunteers can be found assisting the permenant staff by dressing in period costume and meeting the visitors. They also take part in activities and demostrations of arts and crafts at special events.
  • Volunteers Please.
    Lend a Hand and Have Fun at the Same Time. If you live locally you could be a great help to the Friends.
    Volunteers always required for costume and interpretation, sewing, visitor surveys, computer database input, riding penny farthings and vintage motor cycles, occasional event work and tree planting etc.
  • Dr. Frank Atkinson's Letters from the President (selection). The founder of the Museum talks about the early days and his hopes for the future.
  • John Grundy and his Letters from the Chair (selection).
    John has written and presented various architectural programmes for both radio and television and for the past seven years he has had his own television series on architecture. John Grundy has introduced thousands of people to the unique and often breath-taking architecture of the North and has become one of the most popular presenters on local television.
  • Pit Stories from the Durham Coalfield by George Parkinson.
    The stories of George as a Durham miner are taken from his book "The Stories of Durham Pit Life", third edition published in 1912.
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  • About Us.
  • Join Us.
  • Contact Us.
  • Internet Links.

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