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Visiting and Special Events

 See the full list of special events planned for this year at Beamish.

Donations to the Friends

If you would like to make a donation to the Friends of Beamish, please follow this link. Donations to the Friends   Donations can be made from £1 upwards and are all gratefully received.

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The SOS on the Road (on site)

SOS bus in the Colliery Village







SOS bus at the start of restoration








The SOS bus is regularly operated on special events during the year. The photograph above shows the beginning of this lengthy restoration.

Supporting "Remaking Beamish"

£10.9million from the Heritage Lottery Fund to help Remake Beamish

Beamish uses its outstanding collections to tell the story of everyday life in the North East. Over the past four years, buildings and thousands of objects have been added to the collections to prepare for the project to begin this year. Now, as part of the £18million scheme, over 30 new exhibits will be created across the museum site. Buildings from throughout the region will be moved or replicated and Beamish is working with communities to share their heritage (see a full list in Notes to Editors below).

The centrepiece will be a reconstructed 1950s Town – meaning that alongside existing attractions depicting life in the early 19th and 20th centuries, Beamish will once again include a period within living memory. Plans include a fully operational cinema moved brick by brick from Sunderland, as well as examples of shops and housing from across the North East region. The home and studio of Spennymoor artist Norman Cornish will be replicated. A block of Aged Miners’ Homes will be copied to create a pioneering centre for older people, including those living with dementia.

Beamish will also expand the stories that it already tells from the early 19th century as part of the project – including exhibits for people to stay overnight in the museum. Plans include reconstructing a “lost” coaching inn from the Great North Road near Scotch Corner on the A1 – which will be open for visitors during the day as well as offering overnight accommodation. Self-catering accommodation for families in 1950s pre-fabricated homes is also planned.

Alongside the reconstructed 1950s Town the museum will also show what life was like in rural areas in this period, by rebuilding a farm that has been collected from Weardale in County Durham. A 1950s trolleybus system and restored buses will transport visitors and a bus depot will help pass on heritage engineering skills.

Click here for more information on Remaking  Beamish

Eston Church in the Georgian landscape


British Association of Removers


Horse Drawn Removal Van

The British Association of Removers (BAR) organised a unique removal vehicles exhibition and moving procession at Beamish on Saturday, 18th May 2013.

The unique collection of over 15 impressive modern and vintage removals vehicles, representing horse drawn pantechnicons and vintage commercial vans to early-modern removal vehicles, was displayed at Beamish from noon. The vehicles proceeded onto The Town street at 3pm and circled the site, giving viewing and photo opportunities.   It is thought that this was the first large display of historic and modern removal vehicles open to members of the public.


Removal Van


Horse Drawn Sweeper

Horse Drawn Sweeper

The T Baker and Sons "Albion" Road Sweeper is in regular use.


Can You Help?


Sandum Bicycle Sidecar

This wonderful piece of social history has recently been donated to Beamish. It is a sidecar which was originally fitted to a tandem bicycle. It dates fom the 1930s and was used to transport a child.

We have a suitable tandem bicycle in the collections and would love to attach the sidecar and display them on site at Beamish.

Unfortunately, we do not have the wheel or frame to go with the sidecar. Do you have a suitable frame and wheel or one we could copy? We are reasonably certain that Sandum used a different design to the more common Watsonian sidecars


Events you must not Miss.

Events for Friends

Throughout the year, the Friends organise many special events only available to members. These include, our annual Chair's Christmas Treat, day visits, guided walks and special behind the scenes visits at Beamish.

Don't forget our Friday Evening Meetings which take place from September to April normally on the last Friday of the month - see Social Events and Activities.

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Major Events


There's always something to see at Beamish.

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