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Motorcycles at Beamish.

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Miscellaneous Motorcycles.

Most are now completely restored and just requiring regular maintenance.

Various Motorcycle Restorations.

Chronological History of Project Reports.

(First printed in the Friends' Newsletters.)

Autumn 2001

Model H Matchless - We seem to have the Model H Matchless running properly now and the petrol tank holding fuel. It has been MOTd and needs a bit of running to bed it in before we remove the fuel tank to finish the painting and lining.

Winter 2001

Our 1921 Matchless "Model H" motor cycle combination is the sort of transport which many professional and business people could afford, soon to be overtaken by the small car, such as the Morris "Bullnose" and the Austin 12. judging from the performance of the Matchless recently, when we tested it with a journey to Alston, either of those models would have found it difficult to over take. Nenthead to Killhope Cross and Crawleyside, both with a sidecar passenger, were taken on the middle gear [second to the uninitiated], which would have been no mean feat in 1921.

All that now needs to be done, is to repaint the fuel/oil tank and put on the transfers, then a long job will be complete. The 1928 A.J.S. 350ccs. Side Valve Sports went to Alston too and, like the Matchless, performed without fault. A long way from the day when George Alderslade brought it in to Beamish, dismantled and in a tea chest.

Spring 2005

The 1928 AJS motorcycle was awarded the Jimmy Guthrie Trophy for being the most desirable motorcycle of that period to take part in the Border Run.

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