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John Grundy's Home Page.

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John Grundy: Friends' Chair.

Photograph of  John Grundy: head and shoulders.

John Grundy in Brief.

Architectural historian and broadcaster, John Grundy was born in Cumberland and has lived in the north all his life.

He is an English teacher and for several years during the 1980s he worked for the Historic Buildings and Monuments Commission (English Heritage) on the National Re-survey of Listed Buildings.

John has written and presented various architectural programmes for both radio and television. In the late1990s he co-wrote/edited the new edition of Niklaus Pevsner's Northumberland.
For the past seven years he has had his own television series on architecture.

John Grundy has introduced thousands of people to the unique and often breath-taking architecture of the North and has become one of the most popular presenters on local television.

A Selection of Letters from the Chair (archives).

  • "Gateshead is a self-inflicted wound. Bomb it, then you will change it. It is an awful place. Most of the North is awful". The opinion of the London art critic, Brian Sewell. John naturally disagrees.
    The changing face of the North East of England.
  • What's nearly new at Beamish.
    A taste of things to come at Beamish Museum.
  • Four of the best houses in Britain - at Beamish.
    But is Home Farm one of them?
  • "I would just like to make a personal welcome to this Friends of Beamish website. I've been involved with the Friends for several years now and I want to say what a privilege it is to be the Chair of such a terrific organisation and therefore closely involved with such an excellent museum."
    Article: Welcome to the Friends' Website.
  • "I have to say I was impressed at the efficiency with which the Friends of Beamish can put away a dainty morsel. Stuck, as I was, at the door greeting latecomers, nibbled morsels remained a stranger to my lips. Next year I shall adopt a new strategy."
    John Grundy's Christmas Treat for the Friends.

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