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Horse Drawn Vehicles and Carts.

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Restoration Work Past and Present.

We are presently involved in restoring the past for the future in our workshops and invite you to visit the Friends' volunteers working behind the scenes here at at Beamish. This section of the Website shows you restoration projects, both past and present, that The Friends have carried out for the Museum on horse drawn vehicles such as carriages and carts.

List of Horse Drawn Projects Appearing on This Website.

This list will be incomplete at the present time but I am working towards adding to the list as many of the Beamish vehicles and carts that the Friends of Beamish have restored. So here is the list at present:

The Friends have many restoration projects in hand and are always looking for volunteers who come from all walks of life and experience. Traditional techniques are encouraged in all the work and volunteers benefit by getting away from the stress of modern day life and enjoying the spirit and fellowship of the skilled craftsmen of the past.


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