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Meet the Friends at Beamish Museum.

It always pays to advertise even on our home ground at Beamish.

Photograph: Displays for visitors.

Photograph: Sailing ships (and fairground not shown) made by Ray Mankin and model steam engines made by other Friends on show to visitors at the Power from the Past on site event.
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Outdoor Work at Beamish Museum.

If you would like to help with this, please contact the Beamish Volunteer officer.

The Visitor Survey team is also back in action again this year.

We help with many events on site at Beamish


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Photograph: Displays for visitors.

An outside location on a bright clear day shows a group of visitors looking at sailing ship and steam engine models displayed on a trestle table. There is a blue sky just visible in the background and a number of tall trees in the distance. But most of the picture is taken up by a large model sailing ship with a number of white sails and a black hull. There is another sailing ship behind the first and it is difficult to distinguish between the two as to which sail belongs to which ship.

Behind the ships can be seen part of a model fairground carousel. Lower half right edge stand a line of visitors looking at the models. Nearest is a boy in a bright red cap and jacket with black trousers. Low left corner is a model steam engine in red and green standing on the light brown tressle table. TEXT


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