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Friends' Events Off-site at Beamish Museum.

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The Friends Out and About in the Region.

It is very important to publicise the work of the Friends and of the Museum whenever possible in the community by visiting shows and events in the region.

Promotional Visits To Shows and Displays.

Photograph: Friends on display

Photograph: Friends with vintage bicycles in Durham City.
With alternative description for blind or non graphics users.

Everyone enjoys a good day out especially if you get to meet the public and entertain and amuse them with a glimpse into the historical past of the region.


photograph: Man on a vintage bicycle.

Photograph: A Friend on a vintage bicycles in Durham City Centre.
With alternative description for blind or non graphics users.

Volunteers attend local and regional activities during the year in order to publicise the Museum and the work of its Friends.

If you wish to help in this important work please contact the Beamish Volunteer Officer.


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Photograph: Friends on display.

Three Friends holding vintage bicycles standing outside a large building. In the background top half of the picture is the corner of the building with light brown stonework.

The left hand wall has three long windows with bright white paintwork. The right hand wall is slightly shaded and has one square window set deep into the wall. Its glass panes are very dark brown.

Across the centre the three men are dressed in 1913 period costumes all having cloth caps. The man on the right has dark plus-four trousers with a lighter brown jacket and a brilliant white shirt showing. He has no bicycle to hold. The man in the centre is holding a penny farthing bicyle which is also supported on a stand. His clothes are light grey, his trousers are of a darker shade than the jacket.

The man on the left is partly hidden by a bright red display unit which is supported on tressles ans shows a number of photographs. He is holding a bicyle with a large yellow wheel but much of it is hidden behind the display unit. He wears a light grey coat with dark grey trousers and some dark brown garment visible under his coat.

They stand on a very light grey paved surface in the lower third of the picture. TEXT.

Photograph: Man on a vintage bicycle.

Picture shows a man dressed in period costume astride a vintage bicycle in front of an old church. The upper two thirds is the light brown stonework of the church. There is a victorian lamp standard in front of the church in the centre of the picture.

The bottom third of the picture shows a paved area in grey with a strip of road way on the bottom edge in black.

The man is astride a yellow bone shaker vintage bicycle which has yellow wheels and a slender black frame. The man is wearing a large light brown cap and a light grey suit thith black shoes. TEXT.


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