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Inventory of Beamish Cycle Collection.

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List of Restored Cycles in the Beamish Collection.

  1. 1895 Ladies tricycle with Abingdon rear axle. Fixed gear with band brake and diff.
  2. 1903 New Hudson gents sports with single speed and rear back pedal brake only.
  3. 1906 Rudge Whitworth gents sports. Single speed with cotterless cranks and both brakes applied by one lever.
  4. 1912 Singer gents with back pedal brake operated by cam in bottom bracket and tyre pump in handlebars.
  5. 1924 Gents Rover. Single speed
  6. 1929 Raleigh X frame gents. with 3 speed S.A. hub gear and dynamo.
  7. 1931 Jack Adams of Newcastle ladies sports with S.A. 3 speed gear.
  8. 1933 Humber ladies with S.A. 3 speed gear and fitted with basket child seat.
  9. 1933 Sunbeam gents with double crossbar and 3 speed gear. Unrestored. Rideable.
  10. 1937 New Hudson tandem with 3 speed derailleur gear.
  11. 1930's Co-op Federation gents with single speed.
  12. 1930's Tandem make unknown with three speed and hub brakes. Unrestored. Rideable.
  13. Date unknown Co-op Federation ladies with single speed. Unrestored. Rideable.
  14. Date unknown Raleigh gents with hub brakes. Unrestored. Rideable.
  15. 1900 c. Warrick tradesmans box trike. Unrestored. Rideable.
  16. 1930's Hughes of Birmingham childs tricycle. Solid tyred.
  17. 1940's Childs bike with box frame and folding handlebars. Solid tyred. Unrestored.
  18. 1910 Childs bike with 14" wheels. One off, made in Gateshead. Unrestored. Rideable.
  19. Childs Fairy cycle with 20 inch wheels. Unrestored.
  20. 1950's childs tricycle with solid tyres. Unrestored.
  21. F.H. Grubb ladies and gents sports cycles. Unrestored.


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