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1820s Pockerley .

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Making a Clean Sweep

Photograph: Man in period costume sweeping up at Pockerley Manor.

Photograph: Sweeping the path for the visitors at Pockerley Manor.
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There's lots of work needs doing on a regular basis in such a large museum site such as Beamish. Pockerley Manor is no exception.

The Museum keep the standard of costume and representation high so what ever job a Volunteer may be asked to do you can be sure they will be dressed in a costume as accurate for the period as possible.

Pockerley has a good garden structure which is typical of the 1820's including some rare varieties of common plants. So there are openings for volunteers in the garden. For the flexible volunteer there will also be opportunities to join the Museum employees in interacting with the visitors.

Volunteers are able to provide some really useful services for the Museum. Using skill and crafts they have learned with the friends or use in their normal occupations. Such as electricians, joiners, builders, plumbers etc.

Example is a cold frame for Pockerley garden designed and constructed by the Friends in their workshop.

Simple projects such as this help to maintain the Museum which is always in need of jobs to be done. And the volunteers enjoy doing it.

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Photograph: Cleaning Up At Pockerly Manor.

A man in an 1825 costume is sweeping leaves from a path. Behind him is a field fence and a number of large trees. between the trees in the distant landscape can be see a small steam engine pulling three carriages.

Bottom left: Tall and well built man with short hair above a rounded weatherbeaten face standing looking downwards to the right of the picture. He wears a white shirt, light brown waistcoat, brown trousers with white leggings up to the knees and black shoes. He is holding a long brush using both hands. Its thin light brown shank sloping downwards to the right and to the bottom centre the head with long bristles lies on a narrow strip of light blue path. Behind the man is a strip of green with suggestion of wild plants and grasses.

Bottom right: the green strip extends to the right edge and up to a quarter height.

Half height: Just below half height behind the man is seen a simple four bar fence. On the left it has a light brown fence post, in the centre a second post and on the right a thicker light grey stone pillar acting as another post.

Behind the fence is a green field with trees close to the fence. Two tall black trees on the left edge and a single similar tree on the right the branches formed in such a way as to create a window between them. In this window which is central in the picture can be seen in the distance a light green valley landscape in the centre of which and facing to the left is an old steam engine. Little detail can be seen except that it has a tall black chimney and is pulling at least two wagons, the front one being black and the next being cream coloured.

In the far distance a variable green wooded area and above this a clear blue sky. TEXT


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