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Costume and Interpretation.

You can volunteer without being a Friend, but many Friends are also active volunteers as they enjoy helping to interpret the Past for for the benefit of Beamish visitors.

Contact Beamish if you are interested in volunteering for costume interpretation work such as this.

photograph: Friends in custume at an Open day

Photograph: Friends in costume at the Power from the Past event presented by the Friends of Beamish.
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Friends in Costume Play a Vital Role at Beamish Museum.

Each year costume volunteers work hard helping visitors to enjoy the Museum. They also contribute to the period atmosphere surrounding major events.

Costume and interpretation play a very important part in the presentation of the past at Beamish Museum. Many of the Friends of Beamish find great satisfaction and enjoyment out of helping out by dressing in costume.

Here are some examples of the experiences of Friends who volunteer to wear costume and learn how to take part in the interpretation of history at various locations at the Museum.

Many of the Friends wear costume at special events and shows away from the Museum. This helps both publicise the Beamish Museum and the work of the Friends.

Visit Some Friends in Costume.

  • Colliery Village: Hooky, Proggies or Is It a Clippy Mat?
    From the 1900s Colliery Village miners' cottages: A hundred years ago these hand made mats were seen in many northern homes. They were everyday household items made from recycled cloth. Nowadays they are re-emerging and being valued for their designs and the time taken to make them i.e.. expensive.
  • Railway Station: Looks like the Station Master's lost his whistle.
    Unfortunately Colin has retired so you won't see him on the Rowley station in his Museum period costume. One of the things he says he will not miss are the many visitors who ask "When's the train coming?.
  • Pockerley Manor: Making a Clean Sweep.
    There's lots of work needs doing on a regular basis in such a large museum site such as Beamish. Pockerley manor is no exception. But you do get dressed up for it.
  • Home Farm: Pigs and Ploughs.
    There are many tools and bits of equipment on a farm not to mention the animals. If you help at the Home farm you get to enjoy immersing yourself in all these interesting features of the 1940s rural scene and help the visitors to get pleasure from your involvement.
  • The Town: Busy High Street 1900s.
    The Town bustles with people some of whom are visitors in modern dress but others are dressed in period costume of the early 1900s. Volunteers help the Museum staff in Town in all sorts of ways.


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Photograph: Friends in costume at the Power from the Past show.

A group of Friends in costume on a sunny day at an outdoor event at Beamish Museum. Across the foreground, in close up, from left to right there are two women and a man looking at a fourth man seated in a wheelchair. The woman on the far left is holding in her right hand a large opened black parasol shading her head from the sun. She wears a large brimmed hat in black with a white blouse with a loose fitting black skirt.

The woman in the centre is seated. She is wearing a straw hat and a black jacket over a white blouse. The man standing to her right is leaning forward towards the seated man. He wears a light brown suit with a grey flat cap and his holding his hands behind his back.

The centre of interest for the group, the seated man on the extreme right is holding a sandwich to his mouth with his right hand. He wears black trousers, white shirt with a black tie and has a light brown summer coat with a matching flat cap.

A short distance behind this group stands a man looking towards the right of the picture and slightly downwards. He has a blue industrial hard hat, white short sleeved shirt and dark grey waistcoat and trousers.

Further away in the background is a collection of classic vehicles partially hidden by the group of people in the foreground. There is, from right to left, a large brown pantectnicon, a blue sports car and a small tractor with red wheels and black tyres. Further away on the right is a large building in light blue with a row of windows across its upper level.

In the distance tall green trees extend across the picture with a small triangle of blue sky in the top right corner. TEXT.


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