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photograph: Working in the old shop in Beamish town.

Photograph: The assistant in the 1913 stationery and printing shop hears lots of stories from visitors about their childhood memories and shopping experiences.

List of articles and stories.

  • "January 1952 found me and over 2,000 troops, all demob happy and in high spirits, aboard the troopship Empress of Australia, bound for Liverpool and home, after serving 18 months National Service in the Military Police in the canal Zone in Egypt."
    Where Were You in Fifty Two? by Jim Wayte.
  • "In Ealing comedies gently parodying life in Fifties Britain, one of the stock characters was usually the butcher's boy, an uncouth youth delivering orders around the quaint country village on a big black bicycle with a basket in front of the handlebars."
    Butchers Boy. by Ian Forsyth.
  • "Many of the Friends will be old enough to remember much of what they see in the cottages of the Colliery Village. Even in the nineteen forties I can remember that we only had the gas lamps for lighting, an old iron fireplace for heating and baking, and clippy matting on the floor."
    What Was Grandad Doing in the Coalhouse? by Joe Bosher.
  • "Nineteen Fifty Three, the year of the Coronation, turned out to be rather remarkable in that I discovered four interests which have continued for fifty years."
    Banjos, Blues, Bikes and Boats. by Colin Tipping.
  • "James pulled his collar up as he crossed the footbridge to the Station. A freezing east wind blew flurries of snow down the line, the flakes skidding along the platform and lashing the doors and windows with icy fingers."
    Cold Rowley. A ghostly tale by Colin Tipping.
  • Christmas Mystery! Was the modern image of Santa Claus, a jolly figure in a red-and-white suit, created by Coca-Cola?
  • A popular item from past Friends' Newsletters revived for the Website: Did You Know? Strange facts but are they really true?

Everyone Has a Story to Tell.

Some have stories they were told by their grandparents of times long gone. Others have personal stories of their lives that they want to share with others. This is the opportunity to tell your story. So please contact us now.

You may have some information or done research into some subject and want to publish the fact. What better audience than the whole wide World of the Web.


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