SOS Bus Alternative Descriptions.

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As required by The Disability Access Law and is important for people who cannot see the image for what ever reason.

Photograph: 1928 SOS "QL" type bus with a few problems.

Showing a skeleton of a bus with red bits and white lines on a dark indistinct background. The bus carcass has its rear end to the camera with a view of its rightside or off side. It is supported on its four wheels which are very much in shadow so that little detail can be seen.

The left half of the photograph shows a rectangular slightly bulging rear section which looks complete except for one panel of the rear exit in the bottom section. The top half is white with three windows reflecting some blue light. The lower half is painted red except for the missing centre panel.

The right half shows the buses structural skeleton including that of the other side which is also incomplete. The beams and ties are all in white. Where the roof will sit a number of curved thin roof beams are in place - with some gaps.

On the vehicle side there are many vertical members visible for both its sides. There are also some red sections near the distant front of the bus but details are not clear.

The background is dark but the sloping roof of a small building can be seen on the right. Underneath is a greyish blue roadway. TEXT.

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Photograph: Starting the engine can be good fun.

Four Friends of Beamish Volunteers in working clothes are trying to start the engine of the SOS bus using the starting handle and ropes. The front of the bus only can be seen facing forwards slightly and to the right of the photograph.

Background: The red SOS bus with the engine visible at picture half height.

Foreground: On the left a man in a light sleeveless coloured jacket over a blue overall is bent over towards the bus. He seems to be pulling on a rope attached to the starting handle. Behind him also on the right centre is a second man leaning over the right side of the engine. He has on a cobalt blue overall and wears a light brown workmans cap.

Nearest and in front of the engine: A man in dark blue jeans and coat is bent awkwardly over the front of the engine. He seems to be struggling with the engine starting handle.

Background: On the right edge of the picture a fourth man stands leaning forward towards the engine. He wears dark blue overalls and a cloth cap and is looking at the engine but it is not clear what he is doing. TEXT.

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