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Can You Solve the Bicycle in the Barn Mystery?

Photograph: Rusty bicycle.

Keith Dales has contacted the Friends of Beamish to ask about a mystery bike he is restoring:

"This is a genuine barn find bicycle, totally rusted up solid which I've now fully dismantled and am now rebuilding. The frame is 24inches I haven't a clue as to it's make, nor it's year of manufacture but I'd make a guess between late 1890's and 1910.
Has anyone any suggestions as to it's maker, or possible age please ?
The frame has a serial number 42178M.
There's a serial number 40280 on the top face of the handlebar stem.

The wheels are 28ins x 1 1/2in and it has only a lift up rim brake [rod operated] on the front wheel. The brake blocks look original pink rubber. The rear wheel has only a back-pedal / coaster brake. It's so rusty that there's no maker's name. The bottom bracket has a serial number 6K on the underside and the crank axle cups are held in place with a pair of small cotter pins. The cups and axle are by Brampton.

The [Williams ?] chainwheel has a bolted-on outer ring. An embossed message on the bottom head tube cup states that Reynolds tubing has been used throughout. The flat top fork crown was itself originally nickel plated."

If you can help solve the mystery please email to
i n f o @ f r i e n d s o f b e a m i s h. c o. u k.