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Friends of Beamish: Membership Offers.

Intending to become a member? Then join The Friends before you visit the Museum if possible. You can join the Friends of Beamish by post prior to your visit or at the Museum entrance. Sorry we cannot take on-line memberships at the moment. 

If you have a Beamish Unlimited Pass and want to upgrade to Friends' membership you can within one month of buying your pass - please ask at the Beamish Visitor Centre

UK Membership Options.

Members welcomed to join from all parts of Britain and the rest of the World.
(NOTE: If you don't live in the UK please contact us with your requirements, for special International membership offers).

Membership is by post, not online at the moment, or you can join at the Museum entrance.

To join, please select an option below (this will allow you to obtain an appropriate printed Membership Application Form).

You may need more than one form if your requirements are not covered in the above list:

Much More Than Free entry into Beamish Museum

All Friends of Beamish Museum can enjoy unlimited admission to the Museum for the life of their membership.

Visitors to the Museum all get FREE tram, locomotive and bus rides and free Parking. In fact no extra charges except for rides at the Victorian Fairground. But the Friends of Beamish get even more:

Become a Friend and keep in touch with what they're up to at Beamish Museum through this website's news features and read more detailed reports in the printed Beamish Magazine, which comes free by post, with your membership.

Enjoy the social events at Beamish and join in the outings to other museums and places of interest. There are talks from visiting speakers during the Winter. Membership lasts for twelve months from the month of joining.

Sign up NOW!

To request a leaflet or ask for more information on becoming a Friend of Beamish please telephone the Friends Office on 0191 370 1104.

Or contact us at the Friends' Office

NB. All Enquiries relating to volunteering will be passed to the Museum's volunteer co-ordinator.

As a member you will be bound by the Memorandum and Articles of the Company which can be inspected at the Friends Office.

Why We Need You As a Friend.

Some Friends support us by donating their subscriptions, while others enjoy being directly involved as volunteer workers. Volunteers ages range from teenage to old age with each seeking the reward of satisfaction in their own way.

The Friends attempt to offer opportunities equally to all, consistent with the tasks available.

Some volunteers use their skills to restore exhibits which have included horse vehicles, bicycles, engines, clocks, steam engines, farm equipment and tramcars. Others look after the administration work.

An increasing number work in costume helping to interpret the Museum for the visitors, and some do promotional work in costume publicising the Museum.

There are thriving groups focussed on the tramway, on historical model engineering and on gardening and environmental activities.

The Friends subscriptions pay for restoration, and are used to make purchases for the Museum including the Armstrong Whitworth car and replica Chauldron Wagon (a primitive coal wagon used in the early days of railways with a capacity of 36 bushels) for the 1820's period area. 

Feel personally involved in the success of this exciting project - BEAMISH! Keep in touch through regular magazines. Join in our Behind scenes tours and enjoy the talks from visiting speakers during the Winter. Membership lasts for twelve months from the date of joining.

Why It's Best to Join Before Your first Visit.

You can join the Friends of Beamish at the Museum's admissions desk. However, this may be busy at peak times so if you can, it makes good sense to join the Friends before your first visit.

Gift Aid: You Make The Government Pay!

Yes, If you are a tax payer and if you sign the GIFT AID declaration then the Friends can reclaim the current rate of tax on your subscription. It's a great help to us.
You make a one off which you can rescind at any time.

Some of the forms include an additional section to record your Gift Aid Declaration.

What About a Gift Or Legacy?

The Friends are always grateful for any gifts or legacies received, whether large or small. It is possible to make a gift or legacy to help with Friends activities at Beamish, or for a particular purpose appropriate to the Friends of Beamish Museum.

If you wish to help in this way we recommend that you contact the Friends' Office for more information to ensure that your gift is used in the most effective way. Thankyou.

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Text Equivalent of the Photograph on This Page.

Screen Reader version for people who cannot see the image for what ever reason.

Photograph: Doctor Frank Atkinson, John Grundy and Friends.

Shows a group of people in front of which two men shake hands. The men are standing one on each side and both are smiling. The man on the left who faces to the centre has short grey hair and wears spectacles. He has a light brown shirt and a brown coat.

The man on the right facing the other man is a little taller, well built with thinning short grey hair with a short narrow white beard on his chin. He wears a white shirt and a large dark grey sweater. The two mens hands are joined in the centre bottom third of the photograph.

Behind the two men a short distance back stand a group of people looking on. On the far left is a grey haired man with spectacles, a blue shirt and a greyish blue coat. He has his arms folded.

In the centre between the two men shaking hands can be seen a woman with short blond hair and a light blue sweater. Behind her the head and shoulders of a young man in a white shirt and a third person, a man whose head alone can be seen without clarity.

On the very right of the picture is a man with short light coloured hair and wearing spectacles. He is wearing a bright sea blue shirt with jeans and a belt.

In the background can be seen a row of shop fronts and doors with a white sign clearly seen on a wall but difficult to read. The whole photograph has lots of shadows and bright highlights. TEXT.


photograph: President Frank Atkinson welcomes Chair John Grundy.

Photograph: Our President and founder of the Beamish Museum Dr. Frank Atkinson (left) greets John Grundy (right), as new Chair of the Friends, in the High Street of Beamish Museum Town.
With an alternative description for non graphics or blind users.

Join the Friends and Enjoy These Extras.

  • Free Quarterly Magazine: Cost to non members £3.00. Full of articles, local history, and Museum and Friends' events with lots of photographs.
  • Free copy of Museum guidebook worth £4.95.
  • 10% Discount:Available in Museum catering and retail outlets.
  • Friday Meetings: Priceless. Fascinating illustrated talks on local history and associated topics. Last Friday of each month during the winter.
  • Behind the Scenes: Opportunities to see behind the scenes.
  • Restoration Work: No pay! Help The Friends on their restoration projects or some essential maintenance work for the Museum.
  • Dress Up in Costume: Helping the Beamish Museum Interpretation Staff in either the 1825 or 1913 period areas. Or publicise the Friends and the Museum at outside events.
  • Occasional Volunteering: Helping the Beamish Museum with assistance at special events or tasks such as tree planting around the museum.

Lend a Hand, Learn a Skill.

We always need volunteers to give a few hours, especially at the weekend, to assist with the work carried out by The Friends of Beamish Museum.
Lend a hand.

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